Saturday, October 21, 2017

GRL and the Reclusive Author Personality by S.C. Wynne

Morning all!

I'm enjoying seeing all the photos of GRL all over Facebook and Twitter. But I'll admit, a piece of me feels left out, even though it's of my own doing. Part of the reason I didn't go this year was expense. GRL is expensive as an author, (maybe more so as a reader because you buy all the books! lol) But it isn't simply expense that makes me hesitate to go to conventions and get togethers.

It's shyness.

Maybe it's a cliché to paint the picture of the hermit author,  but I am, and always have been, rather shy. I can fake it and obviously some people are more relaxing to be around than others. But essentially, I'm not someone who likes crowds or situations where I don't know anyone. But I don't think I'm alone in that.

I think sometimes we fight who we are. We want to be like others because we admire the way they handle situations. For many years I beat myself up for not being as happy in the spotlight as others. Because it can be confusing when you enjoy the attention you get for things you do, but still be uncomfortable about it as well. But I think I've come to grips with the fact that I am essentially a shy person. And that's okay.

The best way I've found to manage my natural timidity, is to be with a partner. I hate going somewhere alone. Yes, even as a sort of grown-up. I like to have a wingman. Someone I can turn to who I know will always laugh at my jokes. Give me a warm smile. Support me. Even when I'm not the cool kid in the room. Often that's my sisters. My husband. My kids. It's just nice to know at least one person in the room likes you.

But all that being said, I also know I'll miss out on a lot of wonderful times in life if I give into my shyness and just stay home in my pajamas the rest of my life.

So who knows? Maybe next year you'll see me at GRL. I would say I'll be easy to recognize because I'll be the shy, quiet one in the room. But I have a feeling there are a lot more out there who are like me, than are not.

And if I do show up and you do come say hi, one thing you can count on is I will always laugh at your jokes and give you a warm smile.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Jared's Evolution, following your heart, and why BDSM?

I have a new book release!!! YAY. I will start off by saying I'm incredibly proud of this book. I was scared to write it but passionate about writing it and it feels really good to have followed my heart. Jared and Kieran's journey means a lot to me...that being said, I KNOW it isn't for everyone. If you're not interested in BDSM or Daddy Kink, you likely will not enjoy this book. I put the warning in the blurb, because I wanted everyone to know what they were getting into. I created the "Desires Unleashed Collection" with a logo so people would know what they're getting into. If you see one of my books with the logo and you don't enjoy BDSM or kink, you might want to skip that book. BUT, if you see a new book without that logo, you can expect the Riley you've been used to over the years.

I wrote a little something on my Facebook page, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It gives you a bit of an idea on how I feel and this book.


I've had a few people ask me why BDSM? Why now?

First, let me start by saying no reader should ever read something they’re not interested in. I get it. I want to read books I think I’ll enjoy and you likely do too…but on the flipside, all writers should also write what they’re interested in, what they’re passionate about. Because someone has never written something before, that doesn’t mean the interest hasn’t always been there…and if it’s a new interest, that’s okay too.

I can’t write something if my heart isn’t into it. Writing comes from love and passion for me so if I write something…I’m passionate about it and not doing it for trends, shock value or anything else. The question on why to write this or that just doesn’t sit well to me, even when I KNOW the people asking mean no offense. But it feels like…why would you write this weird, different thing when you could write vanilla and that reminds me of times myself and good friends have been asked by publishing…since the book isn't about race, why write this black character when they could be white? Or getting asked why write m/m when you could be writing m/f (real questions I've gotten)? The second I’m not writing with my heart, that means I shouldn’t be writing.

From the beginning of my career I’ve always written what is in my heart, and I’ve always believed everyone should see themselves in the stories they read. Even back to my early days of YA before there were hashtags for diversity, I wrote diverse characters. We need books for everyone and I’ve always tried not to limit myself in which stories I tell, even if it’s something new for me. There’s always a need for different stories. And sometimes…a character is black not because it’s a race story…but just because that’s who they are. Sometimes a character is gay not because it’s a coming out story…but just because it’s who they are. Sometimes a character practices BDSM just because that’s who they are too. (actually, I should say most of the time in all of these situations instead of sometimes)

The truth is, I’ve wanted to write this book for a long time. The truth is, this story came from my heart in a big way. Maybe five years ago, I never would have seen myself writing this book but that’s the beauty in being human…and in books, IMO. We grow and learn and change—much like Jared does in the book. I’ve learned SO much about myself through reading and writing. My viewpoints and world has been opened in so many ways. I feel more secure in who I am as a person, in ways I never have before. It’s funny how those things happen when you don’t realize they’re happening…but man, pretty incredible too.

We’re all evolving all the time—or we should be. As writers, our books evolve. As readers, our reading tastes often evolve, which doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the old behind—just expanding to see and share and experience MORE things, which I think is important. Certain topics are being written about and read about more because…well, I think because we’re seeing that we don’t have to keep ideas, thoughts and feelings locked away because they aren’t the popular opinion or because they're "different". We’re seeing it’s okay to talk about and do things that everyone might not understand…but they don’t have to understand, really. That’s okay as long as we respect those differences in people.

So…I wrote this book because it means a lot to me. I wrote it because I’m passionate about it. I wrote it because it explores topics that I feel strongly about. I wrote it knowing that it wouldn’t sell as well and not as many people would be interested in it, because it was important to me. Does that mean I’ll be writing all kink now? Nope! That’s why I started the Desires Unleashed collection. When you see that logo, you know what you’re getting into. If that isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Just keep going and hopefully pick up the next book. If that logo isn’t on a Riley novel, then you know what to expect as well.


Like I said, everyone should read what they're interested in. If you think you'd enjoy it, I hope you give it a try. If it's not your thing, I hope you'll give my next book that isn't "Desires Unleashed" a chance. There are SO many stories to tell--kink and not kink. So many stories to read--kink and not kink. How lucky are we to have so many incredible stories to choose from? How lucky am I to be able to follow my muse, wherever she takes me, and to write stories I'm proud of?

My next single author book that isn't part of Desires Unleashed will be the second Last Chance book, coming early 2018.

For now, those who are interested in kink and BDSM, here's a little about Jared.

He wants to dominate me…to discipline me. He wants me to call him Daddy…

I’ve always taken care of myself—worked hard to become king of the courtroom and excel in the cutthroat business of winning cases. I’m fierce…brutal…confident. I’m a lie. Underneath my armor, I’m drowning, losing myself under the weight of life. At thirty-three years old, I should be able to handle the pressure.

My neighbor Kieran sees past my spotless suits and manufactured control to the real Jared. The one who secretly craves being dominated, to serve, and to give up control—not just in the bedroom, but in every aspect of my personal life.

I can’t want this…but I do… When I’m under Kieran’s command—spanked, rewarded and caged—I’m free. With Kieran’s care and guidance, my mind is unburdened as my body soars to new heights, and Kieran becomes what we both need him to be: Daddy.

It’s a journey of dominance and submission—of rules, schedules, security and discipline. He opens my world, teaches me, changes me…but he doesn’t let me in. It’s temporary, Daddy tells me, and I’d be wise to remember that, so I don’t get hurt.

Warning: Jared’s Evolution contains BDSM elements, domestic discipline, spanking, and daddy kink—without age play—between two consenting adults. If any of those things offend you, reading this book might not be a good idea.

Jared’s Evolution is part of the Desires Unleashed collection. Some books in this collection will have darker themes. Please be aware Desires Unleashed are er*tic and not your typical Riley Hart romance. You can expect the mental and emotional journey to be led by the physical/s*xual moments—which will be intense, frequent and kinky.

Available exclusively from Amazon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Themed either or questions with Ba, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we answer a baker's dozen Halloween themed either or questions.

1. Googly eyes or devil eyes?
2. Candy Corn or Mellowcream Pumpkins?
3. Fun size chocolate bars or fun size chip bags?
4. Pumpkin Spice Latte or Mulled Cider?
5. Bats or Mummies?
6. Vampires or Werewolves?
7. Horror novels or horror movies?
8. Ghosts or skeletons?
9. Psychological boo or gross factor?
10. Dusk or dawn?
11. Hatchet or chainsaw?
12. Teeth or claws?
13. Trick or treat?

1. Devil eyes.
2. Candy corn!!!
3. Chocolate!
4. Anything with coffee.
5. Mummies.
6. Yes, please.
7. Novels, assuming something happens. I like it when things happen.
8. Ghosts.
9. PG-13 is the perfect horror movie rating. BOO!
10. Dawn.
11. Chainsaw, baybee.
12. Claws.
13. I'm always a treat.

1..Googly eyes. You can put them in the bushes and scare the kids.
2. Mallowcream if they have chocolate ones. If not, candy apple candy corn
3. Chocolate for sure
4 Pumpkin spice latte
5 Bats- they eat bugs
6 werewolves.... I write both though
7 both are good!
8. Ghosts
9. Psychological!
10. Dawn is prettier
11 Hatchet-- my mom was a woodsman
12. Teeth
13. Treat

1. Devil's eyes. Or googly devil's eyes. 🙂
2. Candy corn - if only I could still have sugar!
3. Chip bags. I can eat chips!
4. Coffee. What? That's not a choice?
5. Mummies.
6. Werewolves. I'm all about the shifters.
7. Oh, tough one! Horror novels.
8. Ghosts. Boo!
9. Psychological scares are better!
10. Dusk. Because it's dusky.
11. Chainsaws. The go vrrrooommm!
12. Teeth. So many varieties. Vamp teeth. Were teeth. Narwal teeth. What? They have teeth.
13. Treat, every time!

1. Googly eyes or devil eyes?  -- googly eyes! I currently have a pair of them attached to the glass inner door of the house.
2. Candy Corn or Mellowcream Pumpkins?  -- I'm not very fond of either, but I don't like candy corn at all, so I'm going to say the mellowcream pumpkins
3. Fun size chocolate bars or fun size chip bags?  -- fun size chocolate bars - I like way more chips at a single sitting than you get in a fun size bag
4. Pumpkin Spice Latte or Mulled Cider? -- I don't do lattes so it's mulled cider for me.
5. Bats or Mummies? -- Mummies! Especially if they're in The Mummy movie (the one with Oded Fehr)
6. Vampires or Werewolves? -- werewolves - by a hair ;)
7. Horror novels or horror movies? -- Horror novels. I find most horror movies too scary.
8. Ghosts or skeletons?  -- ghosts for the win!
9. Psychological boo or gross factor?  -- psychological boo gets me every time, while gross factor is just gross
10. Dusk or dawn?  -- depends - I prefer night to day so that's a vote for dusk, but I love dawn for the brilliant skies
11. Hatchet or chainsaw?  -- again it depends on what I'm using them for but I guess a chainsaw would be easier to cut a zomebie's head off with
12. Teeth or claws?  -- claws!
13. Trick or treat?  -- trick and treat

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's talk romance... by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! I love writing romance stories that make readers happy. Because readers are a critical part of my writing life, I want to include readers in a post I'm contributing to the Boy Meets Boy Reviews November Unicorn Celebration. If you'd like to be part of the post, please use this form to share with me any thoughts related to my books: favorite couples, series, scenes, or secondary characters--I want to hear from you! 

As a thank you, all submitted reader thoughts enter you to win one of my audiobooks.

Have a terrific week.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Work In Progress by S.C. Wynne

Morning, all! I'm a little late today because it's my birthday and I got distracted! lol 

I have the third book in my Mpreg series; Bodyguards and Babies, coming out toward the end of this month. It's Pierce's story. Here's a little snippet  of My Surprise Omega Baby, to wet your appetite.


Pierce MacPherson is a solar eclipse omega with a chip on his shoulder. He was in a horrible relationship where his alpha sold him to other alphas for their pleasure, and now that he's free, he definitely has a thing against alphas.

Seth Rider works for Shield and he's an alpha with no desire to settle down with one woman. But when he discovers that a one night stand eight years ago produced a daughter he'd never heard of, he steps up to the challenge.

The problem is, Seth doesn't know the first thing about raising a kid. Pierce has some experience working with kids and when they meet, Pierce is guilted in to helping out for a week. It's only supposed to be one week. But when Seth starts having unusual sexual feelings toward Pierce, things get a little complicated. And when the two men give into their urges, and Pierce gets pregnant, things get even more muddled.


We’d agreed Pierce would stay with me while Emily was here because my hours were so screwy at work. I made up the other guest room for Pierce, making sure he had clean towels. I also took the liberty of putting his backpack on his bed, since he’d left it on the couch in the front room. I went back to studying my new client’s bio, but by eleven o’clock my eyes were tired and I closed my laptop down. The two of them were still talking quietly in Emily’s room and I tried to listen in. I felt like the only way I’d find anything out about Emily was if I did it without her knowing I was around. She was way too shut off with me. But their voices were soft, so I crept out of my office and I stood in the hallway listening.

“Mommy didn’t come home a lot of nights,” Emily said.

“Were you alone then?” Pierce asked quietly.

“Mostly. Sometimes she’d have our neighbor Ted watch me. But he wasn’t always available. I didn’t like being alone because the apartment seemed to have so many creaky noises at night.”

“Was it her job that kept her out?”

“Sometimes.” Her voice was soft.

The vulnerability in her tone made my heart hurt. I felt guilty that I’d never been there for her, even though I knew it wasn’t really my fault.

“Pierce… how did your mommy die?” She asked.

There was a small silence and then Pierce said, “Suicide.”

Emily gasped. “I’m sorry.”

“Thanks. She was really depressed when my dad went to prison again. I think taking care of me was just too much for her on her own.”

“But that’s what mommies do.”

He gave a little laugh. “Most of them. Mine was different.”

“My mommy was lonely. I think that’s why she liked to go out a lot with those men.” She sniffed. “I miss her.”

There was a rustling and I suspected Pierce had hugged Emily. “It’s okay. Of course you miss her.

But your daddy wants to take good care of you and keep you safe.”

“He doesn’t want me.”

“What?” Pierce’s voice went up. “That’s not true. He was really happy and excited when he learned about you.”

My face warmed at Pierce’s lie. I’d been freaked out and selfish when I’d first found out about Emily. I was ashamed that my first thought had been how a kid would change my life. But now that I’d met Emily, and she wasn’t just this faceless stranger, I definitely felt protective toward her. And I did want to get to know her and make her happy. I wasn’t sure how to go about that, since she seemed almost afraid of me, but that was what I wanted.

“Do you really think so?” Emily’s voice was husky with emotion.

“I do. I know so. He’s a good man.”

I was surprised at how complimentary Pierce was being. Maybe this was just what he said about all the parents when the kids needed comfort. Because he hadn’t seemed that impressed with me when we’d first met.

“His house is pretty,” Emily said.

“Give him a chance. I think you’ll see he’s a good daddy.”


I heard the springs of the bed and I rushed back to my office. I didn’t want to get caught eavesdropping. I sat at my desk and pretended to be going through a desk drawer when Pierce popped his head in my office.

“I’m going to go to bed now.” I couldn’t tell from his expression if he suspected I’d been listening in.

“Oh, okay.” I stood for some odd reason. “Goodnight then.”

He hesitated and then he walked into the room. “She’ll warm up to you.”

His sympathetic tone bugged me a little. I didn’t want him feeling sorry for me, but I also knew he was trying to be nice. “I’m sure you’re right.”

He shifted uneasily as if he a wanted to leave, but still felt like he should say something else. “She’s a sweet kid. She just doesn’t know what will happen and so she’s scared. I think she’s afraid you’ll quit on her.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because she’s a kid who’s been passed around from grown-up to grown-up who didn’t really want to be bothered with her.”

“If I didn’t want her here, she wouldn’t be here.” I lifted my chin. “The only reason I wasn’t in her life from the beginning was I didn’t know about her.”

“I hope that’s true.”

“Why would I lie?”

His eyes darted to my face. “Because you’d look like a jerk otherwise.”

I bristled. “Do you seriously think I knew about her all this time, but just didn’t want to be bothered?”

He shrugged. “You wouldn’t be the first dad to do that.”

“That didn’t happen.”

“I guess it seems weird her mom wouldn’t have reached out sooner. Kids ain’t cheap. Why wouldn’t her mom at least have hit you up for some child support?”

My face felt tight as I gave a little smile. “I didn’t shirk my responsibilities toward Emily. I didn’t know about her. Period.”


“I’m kind of insulted you’d think otherwise.”

“Don’t get pissed. Alphas aren’t known for their selflessness.”

“Bullshit. Alphas take care of their omegas.” I scowled. “Look at Riley and Colin.”

He chuffed. “Jury is still out on that one, if you ask me.”

I shook my head, trying to stamp down my irritation. “They’re solid. Riley treats Colin like gold.”

He gave a raspy laugh. “What a surprise, an alpha standing up for an alpha.”

“Colin was my friend first. If I’m biased toward anyone, it’s Colin. But I can see how great Riley is.”

“I don’t want to argue. I only wanted to reassure you that, odds are, Emily will warm up to you eventually.”

“Thanks.” He’d just spent the last minute insulting me, so it took a little work to force that word from my tight throat.

He moved closer and his eyes were a deep blue in the dim light. “Maybe tomorrow we can go buy the paint and some curtains to decorate her room. She needs a space of her own. Oh, and she’ll need some clothes too for school.”

“Okay.” I frowned. “Shit. Wait… I have to work.”

A little smile touched his full lips as he held out his hand. “Give me your credit card. I’ll take care of everything.”

I pulled my wallet from my back pocket and handed him my American Express card. “Remember, you’re shopping for Emily, not yourself.”

He wrinkled his brow. “Don’t worry. I don’t let alphas buy me things. Otherwise they think they own me.”

The firm press of his fingers against mine, and something about his husky voice sent an odd shiver through me. I was perplexed by why he seemed to affect me physically, when I wasn’t usually in the least bit attracted to guys. “I don’t want to own anyone.”

“That’s what they all say.”

His playful tone coaxed a grudging laugh from me. “I’m serious.”

“Uh, huh.”

Putting my hands on my hips, I shook my head. “Are you always this annoying, or am I just special?”

“Being an alpha, I’m sure you think you’re special.”

My lips twitched. “Jesus, I have to endure a week of this sass?”

“Looks like it.” He smirked as he turned to leave. “Goodnight, Seth.”

“Night, Pierce.”

I made a point of not watching him leave. No matter how tempted I was.

Hope you enjoyed that little taste! And have a wonderful rest of your weekend. :)


Friday, October 13, 2017

Prepping For GRL

Hi everyone! Well it's the weekend before GRL which means I am in a frenzy of sorting and packing. I'm so excited because I'm one of the people who LOVES GRL. This is my third year and each time it's gotten better and better.

I can't wait to see friends I've made on line and only get to see once a year. For that reason alone, I love GRL. I love spending time with other authors talking books and the craft of writing. And maybe have a drink or two or......well you get the picture.

Then there are the readers who make this all possible for loving our books and breathing life into our characters. Nothing is more exciting to an author than hearing people talk about their books and/or characters as if they're real. Which of course to me they are.

Here is where I'll be during the event next week. I arrive in Denver on Wednesday, October 18th.

Wednesday during the day are retreat events for newbies and I will be meeting with some of my virgin GRL people to give them tips on taking it all in. At 9 pm, there is a narrator panel, and I'm thrilled that Nick Russo will be reading from The Shape of You! I can't wait for you to hear him!
After the narrator panel, come find me and we'll hang out and have a drink! I'll have some special swag for you and I can't wait to meet you all and get a chance to chat.

Thursday, the official start of GRL will find me at an Author Lounge from 11:00 am to 11:45 am. Don't forget to collect stickers/stamps from each of the sponsoring authors toward the prizes to be awarded at the Wild Wild West Saturday night party.

At 2:30 Join Jaime Reese, Ethan Day and myself in our storyteller panel:

 "Not Your Mama's Contemporary Romance," where we delve into how the genre of romance has evolved over the years. There will be fun games of MMadlibs with exciting prizes, so make sure you come join us!! If you've ever played Mad Libs as a kid or at a party you KNOW how much fun these games can get!

Thursday night I can't wait to party the night away with the Cockyboys, starting at 9:30 pm!!

On Friday, my Author Lounge is also from 11:00 am to 11:45am so if you missed me the first time, now's our chance. Friday night is another dance party, and I'm sure we'll be hanging out in the lounge afterwards chatting away the hours.

Saturday is the big bookselling fair, starting at 10 am and lasting until 1:30. Make sure you come by and get some fun swag and pick up one of your favorite books. I will be selling books as well as distributing my pre-orders.

I can't wait to see new friends and old and give you all a hug.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ask Riley

Have any questions for me? What I'm reading or writing or who my favorite characters are? I'm opening up the floor to whatever your inquiring mind might want to know ;)